Design Buffs for Nonprofits & Charities

Design Buffs supports charities and non-profits with a strong cause. It feels good to give back, and we're here to make it easy. We deliver up to 3 design requests per month, free of charge for you up to 3 months*
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Now you can get up to 3 design requests per month, free of charge, for up to 3 months.

Lift your brand

On- or off-brand creative that communicates and converts

Global creative talent

Hard-working & dedicated designers who know you by your first name

Stay nimble & agile 

No tie into contracts, no obligations, and negative risk reversal 

Fast turnarounds

Get your designs in 1-2 days, not weeks

Powered by technology

Our easy-to-use platform makes requesting designs easy and painless

UK-based support

Turn to our caring UK-based support team for help & advise

Nonprofit design that makes a difference

From print design, to digital design, to animations and videos
Social media designs
Animated screens
Event materials
Photo editing 
Food & drink design
PPC & Display Ads
Brand guidelines
Image manipulation
E-Mail graphics
Annual reviews
Blog headers
One Pagers
Podcast covers
& many, many other designs!

Got questions?

How does it work, is it really free?
Yes, it's free for eligible charities & nonprofits. You can request up to three designs per month. These request But you’ll have a dedicated team always on call to help with any campaigns or if you need extra resources.
What if I need more than three designs per month?
You can always upgrade to our paid plans and we’ll give you a 20% charity discount for a lifetime.
How do I apply to the Design Buffs for Nonprofits programme?
Simply click on the Apply button below, complete our form and once accepted, our team will inform you about next steps.
What's the catch?
You’re not required to do anything in exchange for us. However, we’d appreciate a short article on your news section about our partnership with you. If you really want to make us happy, you can always leave a review after your first few months with us.
Who owns the creative work?
You have 100% ownership of the files the moment we hand them over to you. Typical file formats are the native Adobe formats, JPG, PNG and Adobe PDF. We can also share files in Figma or Sketch. 
Do you use Design AI or templates?
All of our designs are powered by human creativity. Sorry to disappoint, but you won't find any design artificial intelligence tools here. 
How long will our charity benefit from the free service?
Our Design Buffs for Nonprofits program runs for up to 3 months. If you still want to continue working with us past that date, we’ll give you a 20% charity discount for a lifetime.

Can I leave the programme if I'm not happy?
Yes, of course. There's no penalty for non completing the program or leaving early.

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