How it works

That's right! You can now get professional design without increasing headcount or breaking the bank

Get access a team of vetted designers on-demand

Easier - 10 min to brief
Faster - 12 hour turnarounds
Stress free - No more haggling with Upwork & Co.
Reliable - Avg. NPS of 80
Time to hire - From 90 days to 2 days
Scalable - Scale up and down, cancel anytime
Cheaper - One third of typical agency costs

Design doesn't have to be painful

It's never been easier to increase your design productivity! All you have to do is:

Step 1: Sign up or schedule a consultation

You can sign up to our design subscription in a few clicks and get immediate access to our platform. 
Do you offer a trial?
We do indeed. However, we want to make sure the fit is right, so you can apply here.
What if I'm not happy with your work?
If you don't like the designs, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee for the first 15 days.

Step 2: Create design projects

Submit as many design requests as you want. We'll then assign you your personal designers and project manager to work on these requests.
How do I communicate with my designer?
You'll be able to directly message your designer via our design request platform. You'll also have a dedicated project manager for any issues or questions and live chat support with our team.
How long does a design take to complete?
Your designer will be working on your requests each business day. The turnaround time depends on the complexity of the task, you can find more information here on delivery times.

Step 3: Drafts, revisions & completion

You'll receive your design drafts and can annotate any changes you would like. Submit as many revisions as you like until your design is perfect. You'll then receive the final files via Google Drive. Source files included. 
Where can I download the source files?
As soon as the design project is completed, you'll receive a link to a Google Drive where you can download the deliverables & source files.
How can I get more info on Design Buffs?
You can schedule a call with us here

Other questions you may have

How are you different from design marketplace like Toptal, Upwork & Co.?
All of our designers are hired, managed, trained and paid by Design Buffs. So instead of just connecting you with a freelancer we actually train our teams on your brand and have battle-tested processes in place to guarantee the best experience for you. 
Why use Design Buffs if I can just hire a freelancer myself?
Finding talented design freelancers is hard, hiring them is an exercise in gambling and salesmanship, and keeping them is both a joy and a constant stress. Design Buffs takes this stress off your plate. Plus, you get the reliability & accountability of the Design Buffs support team.  
Do you have specialised designers in your team?
Yes, we have designers with background in product design, UX/UI design, illustrations, graphic design & motion graphics. Based on your design request, we'll match you with the perfect designer.
We already have an in-house designer, so why do I need Design Buffs?
Most of our clients have in-house designers but they are often tied up in other tasks. With Design Buffs you can fuel your marketing team's hunger for experimentation and add a dedicated resource to support your sales team. 
What do you mean by 100% satisfaction guarantee
We offer a 100% design happiness guarantee for your first 15 days of working with us. If you feel we’re not a great fit for one another, we not only refund the full amount, we also give you a $75 Amazon voucher for having wasted your time. 
Do I have to use your project management tools?
For our subscription clients, we have our own dedicated platform for design requests and client communication. On our dedicated plan, you can communicate with your designer in whatever platform you prefer.
Can I select my own designer?
Yes, me make it super transparent who you'll be working with. If you're not so sure, we can also help you make that decision for you. Need a whole team? No problem, we can also put an entire team together for you on our dedicated plans.
What if I have more questions?
Just send an email to or use our chat. We'll be happy to answer any question you may have and look forward to hearing from you!
Judith H.
Co-Founder & CEO
Design Buffs gives us an outlet for all of our creative tasks & visions. We've been using the service for all of our marketing assets & client facing designs and have been very happy from day one. 
Nick Calabro
Digital Marketer
Design Buffs is a no-brainer if you have even a few graphics you need done. Having Design Buffs in my back pocket makes me re-consider my entire content marketing strategy.
Sarah Salmon
Marketing Manager
The time and care that Carsten and his team devote to each design order blew me away from day one. The personalised customer service really is merit to Design Buffs as a company.
Regan Cook
Head of Marketing
The designs produced have been excellent. They're easy to work with, keen to help and always willing to make revisions and amendments as needed. An excellent service and real asset to our team! 
Mary McCollum
Marketing Manager
Design Buffs have been a really valuable addition to our team. Not only is their design skill excellent but they seem to really care about our campaigns and how they can best support. The service is great value and their designs elevate our messaging while truly understanding the brand DNA.

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