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Freelance Graphic Design Cost Calculator

Calculate how much it really costs to hire a freelance graphic designer

Design Buffs Pricing

Looking for a more cost-effective way?

Save thousands with a pre-vetted designer ready to work for you today

Top international designers

Get access to a team of fully-vetted creative talent from around the world

Scalable as you grow

Hire a designer for 8, 4, or 2 hours per day, scale up or down or cancel any time with full flexibility


A reliable, proven and fully-managed process for full transparency, collaboration & productivity 

Trained to be "on brand"

Get designs that are fully on-brand only through training on your company, audience & objectives

Predictable pricing

Up to 37% more affordable than agencies or other top freelance designers

UK based support

Turn to our caring UK based support team for help and advise

Your endless search for the "right" designer is over

Trusted by marketers & founders of fast growing companies from around the 🌍 
Judith H.
Co-Founder & CEO
Design Buffs gives us an outlet for all of our creative tasks & visions. We've been using the service for all of our marketing assets & client facing designs and have been very happy from day one. 
Nick Calabro
Digital Marketer
Design Buffs is a no-brainer if you have even a few graphics you need done. Having Design Buffs in my back pocket makes me re-consider my entire content marketing strategy.
Sarah Salmon
Marketing Manager
The time and care that Carsten and his team devote to each design order blew me away from day one. The personalised customer service really is merit to Design Buffs as a company.
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