Expectations Agreement

Let’s start by saying this is not the typical document you’ll find when signing up for a new service, but it helps you make sure that all potential blurry situations are crystal clear from the start.

This Expectations Agreement will help us set expectations so that you know precisely what a relationship with Design Buffs looks like. This includes what will be expected of you and what can be expected of us.

To start setting expectations straight, you should know that we at Design Buffs are not wizards. We can't read your mind (although if we could it would certainly help!).

If you think something should be getting completed faster by your Design Buffs team member, please speak up and let us know by sending an email to hello@designbuffs.com or chatting to us via Slack.

Oftentimes, we don't know there is a problem until you tell us. Communication is key to this all working out well.

In the spirit of us not being wizards, sometimes the Design Buffs team member working with you may not deliver the work you expect. 

The best thing to do is chat with them, provide ample examples and detailed design feedback. Remember, the longer we’re working with you the more we get to know you and your brand and the faster we can deliver.

We have never promised that our designers will come in on the first day and deliver everything perfectly from the start.

Instead, expect to get an ambitious member from our team who has been chosen for their design skill set, communication and overall work ethic and how it might benefit your brand.

Deadlines and Scope-based Work

We understand that your projects and work have deadlines and can't drag out indefinitely. However, we at Design Buffs can not be bound to your deadlines. We'll do our best to meet your deadlines whenever possible, but we want to make it clear just what to expect when it comes to deadlines.

You must first understand how our service works on a core level.

When you purchase a service from Design Buffs, you are purchasing working-hours with a creative.

What that means is if you purchase a Full-Time plan (8 hours of work per day) what we are providing you is a Design Buffs team member who will be attentive to your needs for those hours each day (5 days per week).

If you have a project with a deadline in three days, and the work required would take your Design Buffs team member longer than that to complete, we can not be held at fault for the project being behind schedule.

We try to provide you with the best possible systems, processes and technology to ensure you can keep track of your projects, we communicate our deadlines and give you a head-sup if designs may take longer than expected.

We do not recommend giving your Design Buffs team member huge design projects from the start. Do not be too open ended with your expectations for them until you and your team member have gotten a better understanding of each other (at least 2-3 months of good work together).

As an example do not say to your first time Design Buffs Team member:

'We need a 20-page slide presentation. We don’t have any brand style guides yet and this. Do not spend more than 8 hours on this and come up with some cool designs'.

This method is a recipe for missing deadlines and delivery bad work. 

Instead, give them smaller design tasks at the beginning and also provide them with a few days of really getting to know you and your brand.

That way you have plenty of time to adjust or get in contact with us if you think you need to swap to a different person (or need to add additional hours) long before any deadlines you may be facing.

At the first sign of uncertainty on your end just send us an email at hello@designbuffs.com and we'll help.

Projects with a Scope

Just like deadlines, work that is bound to a scope can often present problems.

Please remember, when you sign up for a Design Buffs plan you agree that you understand our service is not bound to a project scope or scope of work. The same goes with deadlines.

We'll always do our best, we promise you that, but just understand that you are paying for daily working-hours.

If we work 8 hours per day for a month and your project isn't done then we can't be held accountable for projects not being delivered "to scope" or "on time" because our service is only bound to giving you daily help.

You can always increase the amount of help you are getting from us to get more accomplished on a shorter timeline. And you can always do a team member swap-out if you notice things not going as you expected.

Again, we highly recommend checking in with your Design Buffs team member frequently during your initial few months with them. And if you're ever unsure, or have any concerns, send an email to hello@designbuffs.com and we'll help.

What we do and don't recommend


  • Provide brand guidelines and style guides from the beginning. If you don’t have any style guides, work with your designer to create them for you.
  • Ask your team member to check in with you at the start of their work-time each day via Slack. Asking for a simple 'Hi, Good Morning!' at the same time each day is an easy way to know that your team member is not absent and is going to be doing work that day.
  • Understand that sometimes people get sick, power goes out, and things happen. In these cases, know that we'll always prioritize still getting you the help (a temporary replacement) you need or having your Design Buffs team member make up those missed hours. Send an email to hello@designbuffs.com if your Design Buffs member is ever absent..
  • Speak up if you need anything. We have a lot of ways we can help if something is not going right or you need something from us. Just send an email to hello@designbuffs.com and we'll help.


  • Don't expect your Design Buffs team member to get everything right from the beginning..
  • Don't expect your Design Buffs team member to be available to you or respond during the hours they are not active for you and your account.
  • Don't expect instant, up-to-the-second replies when they are active for you. People sometimes need space for creativity, step away for a snack, or refresh their workday with some music. That being said, you can ask them to leave you a quick message (ie. 'Grabbing a quick snack! Be back in 10m!') when stepping away from their desk during expected work hours. That way you aren't left guessing if they're available or not.
  • Don't micromanage your Design Buffs team member. It can be too easy to want to make sure every minute of their time is spent working with 100% efficiency. In reality, we are all people and we all have our more efficient days and our less efficient days. Our suggestion is to check-in just once or twice a day to see how things are going. Obviously, if you are doing some work that requires more frequent communication then you'll be checking in more frequently. Overall, do your best to stay informed without being overbearing and preventing your Design Buffs Team member from making uninterrupted progress.
  • Disrespect, degrade, intimidate, or threaten anyone on our team. We will quickly part ways with you.

Make sure to read our Design Happiness Guarantee / Refund Policy and Terms in full.

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