How Eye-Catching Graphic Design Can Help You Boost Conversions

Adding eye-catching graphic design elements to your digital marketing strategy is crucial, especially for startups.


When you’re the new kid on the block, you’re unlikely to have stacks of credentials to make your product & service a no-brainer to purchase.

Graphic design is not just the difference between vibrant and dull. It’s the difference between customers and clients choosing your startup over your competitor.

It's a subconscious game-changer and subtly influences the decision-making process of prospective customers and clients.

People will create assumptions about your brand solely based on its image.

By crafting a solid visual dimension for your startup, you will be able to control and influence people’s perceptions.

The right brand identity can transcend beyond any qualifications or awards you may have, giving prospective customers and clients a reason to have confidence in your startup.

The role of a graphic designer is truly about communication through illustration. A skilled designer has the ability to produce branded content that incites an emotional response and increases consumer intent.

Whether the material is for an email marketing campaign, LinkedIn carousel posts, landing page or social media, a graphic designer will be able to craft a consistent, powerful message that radiates through your branding.

Ensuring that a call-to-action is clearly presented in all of your startup’s marketing materials can help to boost conversion rates on marketing channels, such as your website and social platforms.

A call-to-action is a word or a short phrase that prompts a reader to take a particular action. A graphic designer will work closely with their client to expertly bring together a short string of keywords, encouraging users to take action.

Typically, as a result of this action, readers will go further down your sales funnel, taking them one step closer to becoming a paying customer or client.

To craft the most effective call-to-action, a graphic designer will take the key stages of your sales funnel into consideration.

For instance, if a prospective customer visits your website, they will need to take action to become a paying customer. This is where your call-to-action is invaluable to conversions and sales. The call-to-action could be to request a call from the sales team. In this case, the graphic designer will produce a landing page design that aims to get as many visitors as possible to request a call from the sales team.

From color schemes to typography, there’s plenty to think about when it comes to graphic design for your startup. There’s also plenty to get wrong! The unique perspective and insight of a graphic designer will bring your marketing materials to life, with your ambitions, objectives, and goals at the forefront of their work.

Incredible graphic design has the power to transform a startup, lifting your services and products to new heights whilst building on your core values.

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