Author: Carsten Pleiser

Graphic Design,
Graphic design vs illustration: How are they different?

In this guide, we’ll explain exactly what the difference is between graphic design vs illustration — and how the output of each can help build your brand.

Marketing Design,
What is display advertising? (the dos and don'ts of banner ad design)

These days, it’s pretty uncommon to visit a webpage that doesn’t include some form of display advertising. To answer the question of ‘what is display advertising’ fully, you’ve gotta understand the difference between all of the different types of display ads.

Brand Identity Design,
Designing a business card in 2022: how to make your card count

Even in today’s digital-first world, designing a business card is one of the most important steps of any brand identity project.

Marketing Design,
B2B LinkedIn Ad Examples: 5 Creative Design Ideas to Boost CTR

Well, to make your life easier, here are some LinkedIn ad examples & creatives from some of the coolest B2B brands out there including Outreach, Airtable, Stripe & Co. Not only do we share the examples, we also explain why they work and what to consider when briefing your design team.

Marketing Design,
Want To Level up Your Marketing Collateral Design? Read This First

Learn how to use marketing collateral design to make your ideal customer fall in love with you.

Promote Your Blog Posts On Social Media With This Step-By-Step Guide

In this post you’ll learn how you can easily create impactful social posts from your blog post. By the end of this, you’ll have an easy and streamlined process that will allow you to bring more visitors to your blog and publish better content on your social media accounts.

Customer Stories,
How Snöball Uses Design Buffs to Bring Creative Ideas to Life

Rachel turned to Design Buffs to get on-demand help from a team of professional creatives and illustrators so she could turn things around fast without needing to overload her in-house designers.

Virtual Backgrounds: How to Brand Your Zoom Video Calls

Don’t let that cluttered lounge ruin your remote team’s sales pitch. Here's the ultimate guide on how to brand your video calls with virtual backgrounds 💻

Design Tools, Marketing,
11 Places To Find Free & Premium Landing Page Illustrations

Looking for the best design resources & illustrations to use on your landing page? You came to the right place. Here are the best places to find landing page illustrations, illustrations for web design projects, apps or blogs.

18 Awesome Slack Hacks For Marketing Teams

How do marketers get the most out of Slack? Yes, Slack is an awesome chat tool, but it’s capable of more than just sending Gifs and chatting company culture. To summarise these lesser known features and help you become more productive, here are the best slack hacks for marketing teams 💪- Enjoy

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