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Generate new revenue by referring Design Buffs clients while helping B2B marketers & agencies get design work done at scale.
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Earn 15% commission for life!

When you sign up as a affiliate partner, you’ll get a unique link that you can use any time you refer Design Buffs. When someone clicks on your link and starts a design subscription within 60 days, we’ll pay you 15% in commission recurring for the lifetime of that customer

Sign up in 2 minutes

Simply fill out a form, get your referral link and start sharing.

No limit on earnings

You can send as many customers as you want and we don't cap on your earning potential.

60-day cookie window

With our generous 60-day cookie window, you'll retain the lead for up to 60 days. 

Unlimited earning potential

Check out your average earning potential based on our entry level design subscription

Number of referred clients Monthly affiliate revenue* Annual affiliate revenue
1 client $127.35 $1,528.20
2 clients $254.70 $3,056.40
3 clients $382.05 $4,584.60
5 clients $636.75 $7,641.00
10 clients $1,273.50 $15,282.00
* Based on our Essential plan. Actual earnings may be higher.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does the affiliate link grant me 15% revenue share on all services?
Correct! The referral link will apply to all services and design subscription products
How will I be paid?
You will be paid at the end of every month with the funds being directly transferred to your PayPal account
How will I track my earnings?
You can track your metrics by signing in to our affiliate system
To become an affiliate do I have to be from a certain country?
You can become an affiliate regardless of where you are from
Do I need to be a Design Buffs customer to become a referral partner?
The referral program isn't just open to Design Buffs customers. Whether you're a B2B marketer, agency, sales leader or consulting firm, you can apply to join our affiliate program

Join the Affiliate Program

Promote the best freakin' design subscription service for B2B marketers and earn 15% recurring commission for every new paying customer you send our way.
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Before applying, please review the Terms and Conditions of the program
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